Our Products

  1. The selected herbs must be of the correct species and must be picked at peak ripeness. PRL sources most of its herbal ingredients outside the U.S. in countries where nutrients are grown in fertile soils with uncontaminated water. Back in 1988 Tom Brokaw reported that even at that time, there were no uncontaminated drinking water sources left in the U.S. This means that virtually all U.S. crops, even organic, are now being watered with contaminated water.
  2. With the use of the Ayurvedic Scale Grading System (1-10), with 10 being of the finest quality, Grade 10 should be used. Very few companies use Grade 10 herbs, due to the cost savings as opposed to the ideal health benefits. We source our nutrients from the deep forests in India to the wilds of the South American rainforests to the pristine mountaintops of China.
  3. There are absolutely NO “Toxic Tagalongs” in our products. Thanks to the work of people like Dr. Fritz Albert Popp, one of the world’s most foremost quantum physicists, it has been shown that supplements with even the smallest amounts of toxic tagalongs, such as magnesium stearate or talc, degrade the cells of our bodies at a significantly faster rate than normal. Unfortunately, many of these ingredients are not listed on the labels of many products.Toxic Tagalongs, are what we refer to as the lubricants, binding agents, fillers, capsules and processes used to produce inferior supplements. They are a great concern to the consumer. When we take a nutrient that offers the possibility of absorption, but comes with a toxic tag-along, there is a great risk involved. If the body recognizes a nutrient it desires, the defenses are relaxed, and the pores open to absorb more. If there is a toxic tagalong, in accompaniment with an absorbable nutrient, then that will be absorbed into your bloodstream at a far greater rate. Here is only a partial list of the main toxins we avoid in our manufacturing process.

    No tablets: Many supplements are packed at 20,000 lbs/sq inch with a waxy lubricant which is highly heated. It is very unlikely that these tablets will ever achieve an affective absorption rate in our body.
    No magnesium stearate,which a toxic wax proven to suppress the immune system, as well contributing to liver & gallbladder congestion.
    No talcum powder,which is considered a carcinogen in Europe, and banned from food and supplements. It is not required to be listed on the supplement label in the US, and most manufacturers use talcum to separate the capsules and lubricate the machines.
    No animal glandulars. Animal based organ and glandular products (from commercial animals) carry the risk of infectious prion contamination exposures as well as a greatly increased burden on the kidney and liver to metabolize them. Consequently, products made with constituents that have come from commercial animals (such as organs and glands) now carry the risk of contamination with toxic prions (infective particles that transmit the disease).
    No excipients which are highly questionable (often toxic) fillers, binders, and glues that are commonly added to nutritional products. PRL never compromises on safety, efficacy, or quality on any product. They ensure that all of their products are 100% excipient-free and made with solvent-free vegetable capsules.

  4. Ideal Cellular Resonance-The form of each cell is now known to be a crystalline matrix, which means it has an ideal resonant frequency. Only the nutrients from “once living” sources can sustain or restore the ideal resonant frequency of your body’s cells. These nutrients contain atoms whose electrons spins are aligned to make them pure light. This body of light is unique to once living source nutrients and is simply not found in synthetic nutrients. When atoms from living source nutrients of pure light enter the cell, the DNA is upregulated and cell resonance can be sustained or regained provided that there are no toxic tagalongs (such as pesticides, talc, or magnesium stearate.) Only nutrients from once living sources can sustain or restore the ideal cellular frequency of your body’s cells. Synthetic (man made) nutrients cannot hope to perform this task. They may only be somewhat helpful at best, but they do not allow true, long-lasting recovery. In long-term use, these poor substances may actually age the body faster and do more harm than good.
  5. Advanced Photoluminescent Quality Control and Ingredient QualityIn order to produce consistently outstanding products that are capable of achieving the “Quantum Nutrition Effect,” it is absolutely necessary to test each and every container of raw materials, not just routine samples, which is typical of the industry. There is simply no short cut to this extensive process. The ingredients are purchased solely for quality in terms of purity, potency and quantum-state resonance capacity. Because of rigorous testing, PRL rejects the vast majority of suppliers due to their routine use of pesticides and irradiation. The CEO, Dr. Marshall, has traveled to many countries, ever in pursuit of the elusive pristine quality of nutritional ingredients.
  6. World Class Packaging-These products are packaged in special Violite containers (patent pending dark violet color with a specific wavelength) engineered to block 100% of the light frequencies known to cause nutrient degradation.
  7. Consistent Clinical Testing-Most nutritional formulations available today have not been clinically tested. When you use them, you can’t be sure that they work. PRL clinically tests each of its products with ongoing trials. Through this cutting edge process, each product’s ingredients, quality, form, and synergism with other ingredients are studied to find what really works.