Fermented Mycelial Extract For Spectacular Immune Support

The Best Coriolus

Fermented mycelial extract of coriolus

  • Choose coriolus grown in unpolluted, mountainous regions of Asia
  • Avoid highly heated, poorly grown American varieties
  • Choose an extract made only from mycelia (these are filament-like reproductive strands in the mushroom which have the highest concentration of active properties)
  • Avoid just an extract of mushroom caps and stems
  • Choose a true fermented extract; the best coriolus is processed using a precision-temperature process which unleashes its elusive triterpenes (which are not available by simply eating the concentrate)
  • Avoid simply ground up mushroom powder, unfermented extracts or highly heated (burned) extracts

Super Immune System Support

Although many people may have a fear of ingesting mushrooms, one class of medicinal mushrooms called Coriolus versicolor has spectacular properties to help boost the immune system and has been used for centuries in many cultures. And it’s far from poisonous. Research shows that coriolus can dramatically regenerate and rejuvenate the body. It contains awesome nutritional properties on a par with some of the most famous phytochemicals such as CoQ-10 and olive leaf extract. Coriolus shows unusually great biological activity for the immune system and contains some of the most advanced immunepotentiating properties ever discovered. Of all the medicinal plants, some consider coriolus to be one of the safest yet most effective agents ever used against chronic disease. Yet most people have never even heard of coriolus, even though it’s been used for centuries to help thousands of chronically ill people.

No One Dies From Cancer
The Germans who treat cancer patients in their large cancer clinics always say, “No one ever dies from cancer— they die from liver or kidney failure.” As the cancer patient is undergoing whole body detoxification to rid his body of the poisons which have allowed the cancer to develop, his kidneys and liver can easily become overloaded. If the congestion cannot be cleared, then the person literally drowns in his own toxins. So he does not die from cancer, but from kidney and liver failure. A key reason why coriolus is so helpful is that it places no metabolic demand on the liver or kidneys, yet at the same time, it can upregulate the immune system. What unbelievable help for those with immune system problems, such as cancer, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Amazing Effects
Over 400 clinical studies show the amazing effects of coriolus on the immune system. With so many high risk treatments being used to treat cancer, viral infections and immune system problems, coriolus may be a powerful alternative. It has become a key player in the nutritional practice of many doctors because coriolus is a great way to boost the immune system, literally without risk.

A pharmacist in Los Angeles recently reported that he had seen 6 cases of Bell’s palsy clear up when his clients used coriolus extract for just a few days. A chiropractor in Houston, Texas has found that the coriolus extract is great help to turn around his bronchitis patients. As the word about coriolus gets out, more and more doctors are turning to this mighty immune booster.

Beware of Junk Coriolus
But for the spectacular benefits of coriolus, the coriolus must be: a) made only from its mycelia (special filament like, reproductive strands which contain the richest concentration of active properties) and b) a fermented extract of the mycelia, made by a precision-controlled temperature process so that it will deliver absorbable levels of both the triterpenes and alkaloids; these are potent protein-bound polysaccharides that give coriolus its powerful immune up-regulating qualities.

Simply grinding up the mushroom into powder won’t work. If the mycelia are not carefully extracted, the polysaccharides are virtually unavailable to the body. Some coriolus extracts are literally burned because they have been extracted at too high a temperature. (They even taste burned.) Beware of your source of coriolus.

Coriolus and Cancer
Coriolus’s most active medicinal components are biological response modifiers called protein-bound polysaccharides. Because it is a whole food, coriolus also contains a whole array of other active components.

One Portland, Oregon doctor reports that he uses coriolus to help patients with cancer as well as hepatitis B and C, AIDS, herpes, general immune system suppression and post-surgical recovery. He has found coriolus to be a potent immune system builder.

In one of his cases, a 34-year-old woman, a health worker herself, had cancer spreading to two sites in her lungs. When conventional treatment didn’t help, her life was in great jeopardy. She then began a nutritional program including coriolus. Six months later, follow-up X-rays showed that all of her lung tumors had disappeared.

Research demonstrates coriolus to be effective against stomach cancer, uterine cancer, colon cancer and lung cancer. Research also shows that coriolus is effective against colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer and liver cancer.

In the prestigious journal, Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy, no less than 11 cancer researchers representing 6 top medical schools in Japan conducted double-blind trials on 111 patients with colorectal cancer, using coriolus. Although our current medical science can offer little help for colon cancer, coriolus showed a remarkable enhancement of the patient’s white cells, even in advanced colon cancer cases. The white cells had greatly increased natural chemotactic motion and phagocytosis, the ability to scavenge toxins and kill pathogens. Coriolus was also used as a helpful maintenance therapy after cancer surgery.

Turning Cancer Around
In cancer, the activity of the natural killer cells is the key. The lower the activity of the natural killer cells, the more likely the person will die. Studies show coriolus can quickly increase natural killer cell activity. This is a major reason why many practitioners recommend coriolus whenever cancer or viral infections strike.

In Albany, New York, one doctor reported that coriolus is his number one agent to boost both the activity and number of natural killer cells. If his patient’s killer cells are very low, the doctor uses greater amounts of the coriolus. When he does follow-up killer cell tests, he has found amazing improvements in the blood tests.

If the natural killer cell activity is only 2 or 3, the prognosis is considered so poor that most doctors don’t expect recovery. However, after recommending coriolus even in desperate cases, the New York doctor often finds the count will go up to 20 to 50, well within the normal range. Coriolus could be a decisive factor between living and dying.


Dramatic Cancer Cases
A 64-year-old electrical engineer had liver cancer for six years. Although he underwent chemotherapy, the tumor continued to grow larger. His doctor finally gave up on him, telling him nothing more could be done, including surgery since the tumor had wrapped around his major abdominal artery. The patient was outraged at being sent home to die. He discovered coriolus and after using this amazing extract, his tumor has now shrunk to 10% of its original size; his CEA cancer markers have gone from 296 down to an incredible 97.5.

A 60-year-old computer consultant, Mike, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His blood work showed a natural killer cell activity of only 6, a very poor sign. Since Mike adamantly refused all conventional therapy, such as radiation and surgery, his doctor put him on an alternative program including coriolus as a key component. Within two months, Mike’s natural killer cell activity was up to 18! In another two months, it went up to 31. Mike is now doing well physically and he says he feels great. Mike’s doctor commented, “This type of response to (coriolus) is usual; the patient’s quality of life does improve dramatically and he or she feels a sense of well being.”

Animals and Coriolus
Animal studies are equally dramatic. Animal studies also show that coriolus works well against many types of cancers, such as sarcoma, melanoma, breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer and fibrosarcoma. Other studies show that coriolus helps to lower serum cholesterol, speeds up healing such as from burns or surgery, has a natural diuretic effect (helpful to kidney function) and has a mild tranquilizing effect (great news for those with depression or anxiety).

The Top Banana
Japanese researchers screened 200 of the best phytochemicals (plant extracts) known for antitumor activity: coriolus was selected as the very best. In a Japanese study, 185 people with lung cancer at stages I, II and III were given radiation. The doctors found that those who also took coriolus showed the best tumor shrinkage and the best 5-year survival rate.

In another study on stomach cancer, the same thing happened. Those who got coriolus survived significantly longer, felt better and had fewer side effects. In a study with 227 breast cancer patients, those who took coriolus felt far better.

The Infection Stopper
Sally, a 49-year-old sales executive, had severe shingles, a very painful virus. She was often in terrible pain and couldn’t sleep at night. After taking coriolus, she had almost immediate pain relief. Coriolus can work quickly against a difficult opponent, virus.

Marina, a 40-year-old office manager, had frequent severe migraines. She was diagnosed with an infection in the brain area. She used an herbal formula that targets nutrients to the brain, along with coriolus. Within 3 days, she was free of her migraines.

Whenever chronic pain is present, suspect infection. Whether it’s long-term headaches, stomach pain or elevation of liver enzymes, think coriolus. To quickly clear infection, coriolus can be used to target the infected organ or gland. Coriolus is one of the best remedies known against infection.