Essential Oils

Essential Oils

The Amazing Results from Pure Essential
Herbal Oils Applied to the Body

What Are Essential Oils?
Essential oils are the volatile, aromatic liquid extracts obtained from herbs in their living state (plants, shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bark and seeds). These oils contain oxygenating properties which help to effectively transport nutrients to the cells of the body and to increase available cell oxygen. Essential oils, if extracted properly, have a unique energy signature or bio-electrical healing frequency. This frequency can be imparted to the user by simply applying the oil to the skin.

Exciting European Research
One well-known European researcher, Dr. Gumbel, used plant essences to activate and balance the neural (nerve), hormonal, biochemical and bio-energetic systems of the body. His research has been confirmed by dozens of independent scientific studies from prestigious European universities.

The researchers found that all the cells of the human body are influenced or directed by sex hormones produced by the body. These androgenic (male) and estrogenic (female) hormones are both present, to
varying degrees, in every male and female. These hormones must be balanced and in sufficient quantity for the body to have optimal regeneration and rejuvenation.

Hormones secreted from our reproductive organs and glands are the controllers and regulators of self-healing and repair for the whole body. These hormones determine how well the metabolism works and have a strong influence on how we age. The exciting aspect of the new research is that plant essences, with their inherent plant hormones, have been shown to evoke a profound healing response in humans, and to have profound effects on human physiology and bio-chemistry.

Plant Hormones: Their 3 Amazing Effects on Humans
According to the research, essential herbal oils, which naturally contain various plant hormones, have three major effects on humans:

1. Inner Brain Stimulation
The aroma from essential oils stimulates olfactory nerves (nerve sensors for smell) which reach the inner brain through nasal pathways. Nerve fibers run from the olfactory membrane into the inner brain — the hypothalamus — which contains important, selfregulatory centers that regulate warmth, waking, sleeping, blood pressure, breathing, fat and water metabolism, genital function and many other functions. Most important, essential oils can stimulate the pituitary gland, the master regulator of all hormones.

Researchers found that these essential oils had such an amazing effect on the pituitary gland, that they called it “Pituitary Therapy.” They found that the “outer hormones” (found in the essential herbal oils) could help support the functioning of the master gland, the pituitary.

2. Nervous System
Research revealed that applying essential oils to the skin could stimulate the nerve endings in the skin
which connect to the vast inner network of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body. By traveling from the skin surface inward to the deeper body systems, these precious oils can help balance the functioning of the nervous system.

3. Hormone Activation and Blood Circulation
Research also showed that essential oils, with their plant hormones, can be absorbed by the body and function as hormone precursors that can activate our own hormones that may not be functioning at their full capacity. In addition, plant hormones absorbed through the skin can enter the blood circulation, improving it and the blood chemistry.

Positive Whole Body Effects of Essential Oils
Extensive European research documents how essential herbal oils can therapeutically affect ALL the inner organs and glands of the human body by absorption through the skin. Scientific evidence has proven that transdermal (through the skin) absorption into the circulatory and lymphatic systems is easier and quicker than any other method of regulating the neurohormonal system.

Research shows that essential oils can penetrate quickly through the cell membrane and increase the oxygen level by 21%. This is particularly important today when we are besieged with many types of infections. It is well known that many types of infectious organisms can live only in low-oxygen environments.

By increasing cellular oxygen, essential oils may help to create an environment in which pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites cannot live. Research has shown that when the oxygen level in a sick cell is increased, the cell begins to change back to normal. Since medical researchers in Europe discovered the oxygenating capacities of essential oils, they have been implementing the use of these oils in their European hospitals.

How Do These Essential Oils Work?
As the essential oils are rubbed on the skin, their tiny molecules penetrate the fatty layers of the skin and move much deeper into the body. The lipid solubility of essential oils allows them to travel transcellularly, or directly through the cell itself. Because essential oils can penetrate through the fatty tissue layers into the interstitial fluids as well as into the blood circulation, they have a profound effect on the whole body.

Historical Use of Essential Oils
Translations of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and ancient Chinese manuscripts refer to priests and physicians using essential oils thousands of years before the birth of Christ. The Bible also contains 188 references to the use of essential herbal oils. Herbal oils were clearly one of mankind’s first medicines. Biblical prophets recognized the use of essential herbal oils as a protection for their bodies against the ravages of disease. The three wise men brought the essential oils, frankincense and myrrh, as gifts to the Christ child, Jesus.

How Are Essential Oils Made?
To extract the healing aromatic essential oils from herbs, they must be processed with low pressure and low temperature. The common practice of using high pressure, high temperatures and rapid processing with solvents and other chemicals will fracture the oil molecules, destroying the therapeutic value and altering the aromatic fragrance. In fact, any harmful chemical combined with an essential oil is likely to destroy the effectiveness of the oil.

Personal Care Products: Ill Health in a Bottle
Most cosmetics and body care products on the market are filled with chemicals and potentially carcinogenic compounds, although they are perfectly legal. What you put on you skin, you are “eating” to a large degree, since your skin has the ability to absorb many substances.

Trapped Chemicals Can “Jam” the Body’s Pathways
People complain about “old age,” with its many head symptoms including diminished vision and hearing, sinus problems, teeth problems, hair loss, headaches, rashes, etc. Could it be from absorbing the many chemicals in products which are put on the head — such as those found in cosmetics, hair sprays, shampoos, conditioners, soaps, etc.? These absorbed chemicals can “jam” the bio-electric energetic circuits that run through the head area, lodging in the ground substance of the scalp and body tissue and thereby creating many bodily symptoms. Be very picky about what goes on your own skin, hair, face and armpits. It is best to use only those personal care products which are free of harmful chemicals and made of quality ingredients.

The Bad Guys: Propylene Glycol and Parabens
In particular, products which contain PROPYLENE GLYCOL and METHYL PARABEN should be avoided. Avoid wearing commercial perfumes on your skin, which are loaded with alcohol and synthetic fragrances which your skin can easily absorb and transfer deeper into the body (the potential cause of many debilitating symptoms). Instead switch to using solvent-free essential oils as perfumes with their delightful, health-boosting fragrances.

In addition, use nontoxic household cleaning products. Wear rubber gloves to keep your hands clear of common chemicals and contaminants contained in typical dishwashing liquids and other household cleaners.

Regaining Health
Top quality essential oils are ground-breaking elements designed to help open deficient and toxic pathways in the electromagnetic network of communication channels that runs throughout the body, accessible through the outer “ground substance” of the body (the outer skin). By helping to dissolve the accumulated toxins and scar blockages which distort these body pathways, these essential oils can help ease pain and restore maximum electromagnetic and full body circulation. They are simply massaged into the skin, especially painful areas.

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