Nutritional Consulting

Advanced Nutritional Consultations with David Finkel, CNC, MPH are $175 per session lasting 90 minutes.

Appointments: To Schedule an appointment please call 310-717-3707.

8816 Burton Way, First Floor, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Corporate Consulting is available: inquire within.

Environments are everything, especially yours. David is available for private consultations that are designed to take years off your age, while teaching you how to set the pre-conditions for your own body to restore its natural physiology through proper nutrition and live source supplements, bodily rejuvenation strategies, structural alignment, and the removal of energetic blockages both of an emotional and physical nature, depending on the client’s needs.

The people that David helps the most are the ones who will commit to taking a journey to realize that everyone has the potential to experience the evolution of their soul, through practical applications that create positive changes in the physiology of their day to day lives.

During your consultation, David may use QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis, which is a university-proven muscle testing technique of medically accepted reflex points) to test the bioenergetic status of your body’s key organ and gland control points. In just one session, we can pinpoint area of nutritional deficiency, determine precise nutrients or formulas to support the optimal nutritional resonance of each specific organ or gland control point that was tested. These advanced techniques can offer a wealth of bio-information that can provide you with clinical solutions that will have the greatest impact on your health.  All recommendations are designed to help you keep and enjoy your best state of health through personalized recommendations in lifestyle, exercise, health habits, and advanced nutrition.

Please understand that David does NOT diagnose, treat, cure, or claim to cure cancer or any other disease and that the information and advice is for educational purposes only. I believe that the more educated and informed that people become, that they will be able to make better choices about their health habits, lifestyles, and will become self confident in seeking self-directed changes in their lives. You are responsible for the outcome of your current health habits and while there may be great doubts, risks, and uncertainties associated with continuing wrong habits; there may also be possible risks in making changes.

It is my desire that you will enable your body to return to the way it was originally designed to function – as a complete self-healing, self-regenerating, self-rejuvenating system by allowing your body to restore its natural physiology. The true art and science of anti-aging can only be experienced by self evident results, and if you do not create your own surroundings, someone else is going to create them for you, and you may not like what you get. After being personally mentored and trained for over 7 years by Dr. Robert Marshall PhD CCN, one of our world’s most sought after biochemists; I observed individuals recover from chronic degenerative situations who were able to restore their body’s capacity to that of their youth. With such profound wisdom, and scientific analysis, it is my deepest pleasure to welcome you to experience the thrill of your lifetime, and to educate you about how your body works, so that you may experience many more decades of youthful vitality, happiness, and longevity!