Our Story

80% of your immune system in located in your colon

Shakespeare says that, “our bodies are gardens.” When you treat your body like a Garden of Eden and regard your intestinal tract as the soil that nourishes the rest of your body’s garden, you may become more discerning about what you plant in this garden. Every smart gardener knows that the primary ingredients to a flourishing garden are the soil’s level of hydration, the pH balance, and the mineral and nutrient contents. The terrain of the soil is the wellspring of a bountiful garden. Poor soil conditions lead to a garden that lacks a healthy “immune system,” which may make this garden susceptible to bacteria, diseases, parasites, and viruses. Therefore, the health of the soil determines the health of the organism. The internal environment of your body is much like a garden that requires healthy soil. Any garden, if not cultivated to grow wholesome flowers, fruit, or vegetables may soon become a garden of poisonous weeds.

Everybody desires to look younger and maintain his or her physical beauty these days. But there has not yet been a system, which empowers the individual to control their body’s biological aging system until now. To successfully accomplish this goal, you need an understanding of how your body works. Today, we broadly accept yoga as a means of achieving greater harmony, health, energy, and enjoyment in life. Public Healing empowers you with a system of beauty and health by working hand in hand with your body’s organs and glands, including ancient methods of detoxification techniques, matched with our premier nutritional products and super foods. Health is the most precious gift that you could ever give yourself. One of life’s main purposes is to increase happiness and joy. We want you to know that there is HOPE that you can be well. Our teachings are a true union of Body, Mind, and Spirit. By working with your physical, mental, and emotional aspects, you can set the preconditions for your own body to heal naturally. We invite you to learn what you can plant in your garden so that it may naturally disinfect and prevent the growth of noxious weeds, so that you do not kill your Eden.