Our Problem

Heart Disease and Cancer are the leading causes of Death in America

As of 2004, the CDC, Center for Disease Control stated that over 53% of Americans over the age of 21 are chronically ill and more recently it has become evident that one in three Americans will get cancer today. The survival rates for cancer treatment have only increased 5% in the past 55 years, where survival indicates living more than 5 years without a relapse. 100 years ago the leading causes of death were accidents, old age, and pneumonia. Today the leading causes of death are cancer, heart disease, and medical error. The United States has the highest infant mortality rate of all industrialized countries in the world. The United States also has the lowest life expectancy rate of people who surpass the age of 60. And yet we spend more than two times any other country in the world on medical care, and yet we are ranked 22nd in the world. Clearly, we need to become pro active about creating wellness.

Environmentalists warn us that we are destroying the ecological balance of our planet by burning rainforests and adding chemicals to our crops. Chemicals find their way into our food and water supplies, and may be significantly affecting our health. The same event is happening within our human bodies. We are destroying the inner ecosystems of our bodies, which are usually managed by healthy microorganisms that are responsible for keeping us happy, healthy, and looking young.

Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize Winner for (Chemistry and Peace) stated that all disease begins with a mineral deficiency.

When you do not pay attention to the natural laws of health and nature, your body may be susceptible to absorbing poisons into the blood stream thru the colon. Every smart gardener knows that when the irrigation system is broken; water cannot be properly distributed to all areas of the garden, and eventually if not given pure water, the fruits and vegetables rot and wither away. This may not only lead to the degeneration and damage of every organ and gland in your body, but it may also lead to heart disease, stomach problems such as indigestion and gastric ulcers, cancer and other weeds that we do not wish to poison our bodies with.

Unfortunately this process happens at such a slow rate, that we may accidently attribute it to the normal process of chronological aging. Disease and old age as we currently know it may be the general ignorance and disregard of cultivating and maintaining a healthy garden. Therefore, by keeping your blood stream clean, you can keep this “river of life” from clogging up the irrigation canals in your Garden of Eden.

Much of Western philosophy, in healthcare protocols, revolves around the “chasing of symptoms.” Even the field of nutrition has followed this model. It is now time to learn how to restore the body’s natural physiology so that it can function the way it was designed. Beauty and Health are not the absence of disease, or symptoms. Beauty and Health are the experiences of joy, love, and peace, which include being capable of physically, mentally, and emotionally enjoying all the days of ones life. The transformation of your health begins with having an open mind, a critical intelligence, and the willingness to discover how you can learn to partner with your body.