Premier Health and Rejuvenation Workshop

Restoring your Body’s Natural Physiology: a 4-part series.

Workshop 1 (FIRE)

Learn How the Human Body Works: This is a provocative experience about a new way to live healthfully.

Vitamins and Minerals are the True Currency of Beauty and Health. Learn how to eat so your body can manufacture clean blood which will be used to rejuvenate your organs and glands internally, while you will externally look vibrant and youthful.

The History of Food in America: What has happened to our food during the past 100 years, and which super foods nourish and rejuvenate your body, allowing you to literally restore your body’s natural physiology.

The Leading Causes of Death in America and what you can do to escape being an early statistic. What are the main causes of almost all diseases?

The Top 5 Problems with the American Diet: Why has our nation’s health plummeted? A medical anthropological survey of long lived peoples throughout the planet reveals universal truths about diets and longevity.

Restoring your Body’s Natural Physiology: Learn what world-wide research has clinically proven to demonstrate a safe and effective way for every person to routinely find out what nutrients their body requires for optimal performance.

The pH Story: Cancer cannot thrive in an alkaline environment. Learn what a Nobel Prize Winner has to say about the permanent restoration of your body’s pH balance.

Welcome to your Body- The Garden of Eden. Sins are nothing more than our own ignorance.

The New Paradigm in Science: Quantum Physics- Experience how your body’s energy field is known to be literally limitless.

The Human Genome Project: Learn what top scientists discovered about our body’s gene deck, and how we can literally stack the deck in our favor and silence the genes that may express “weeds” in our Garden of Eden.

The Science of Epigenetics: It’s been around since the 1920’s and now today  it is becoming fashionable in the mainstream.

The Future Model of Health (Today): The Rule of 4 (Biochemistry, Biomechanics, Traumas, and Psyche)

Integration – Creating patterns of Living that are in harmony with physical beauty and health. The Science of QRA Quantum Reflex Analysis allows any person to learn how to monitor the condition of your organs and glands. At last, a science that enables the process of real rejuvenation.


Workshop 2 (EARTH)

Immunity: The Garden of Eden- Over 80% of your immune system is in your gut. Learn how to cultivate a garden that is immune to diseases.

Inflammation: Time Magazine’s leading cause of illness and disease that is driving chronic conditions of unfriendly situations in countless people’s lives. World famous Cardiologist exposes his findings after performing over 5,000 open heart surgeries. Lipitor did over 12 billion dollars in sales last year, and yet heart disease is still one of the leading causes of death? Are we missing something here?

Diets that are Anti-Inflammatory: An introduction to the Paleo Diet, and the Primal Diet.

Restoring the Human Digestive System: Learn how your body digests and assimilates food and what you can do to keep all the aces on your side for a lifetime.

Biliary Patency: Learn how to keep your bile ducts clean, so you keep your blood stream clean. Vibrant hair, skin, and nails are all a refection of your body’s capacity to digest and assimilate healthy fats and amino acids.

The Role of Enzymes in Nutrition.

Degranulation: The process by which the body can heal and rejuvenate itself.

The Coffee Enema: Yes, even Prince Charles is backing this on the record! Ladies and Gentlemen this is the real deal!

The HCL Detox program: Learn the awesome power of Methyllation, your body’s way of silencing undesirables genes from expressing themselves. Hydrochloric acid is something your body manufactures to disinfect any unwelcomed guests that may be in your food. Diseases associated with low hydrochloric acid are numerous. Learn how to maintain healthy stomach acid for a lifetime.

Relationships of all kinds are opportunities to experience and feel bliss: Lets start with experiencing bliss within ourselves.

Aloe Arborescens: Nourishing your body with super nutrients that have been reported to arrest the development of weeds in the garden.

“Knock Out” – Why did Suzanne Somers research alternative cancer cures? How can we apply this in our daily lives?

Integration- Foundational Daily Super Foods and Whole Body Detoxification Techniques that can be easily incorporated into your daily lives.


Workshop 3 (AIR)

Public Health Rule #1 “First Do No Harm” – What a great job we are doing as a Nation! The evolution of your faith is like the stock market, it is chaotic by nature, but once brilliantly understood it can be manipulated to make you a winner every time.

Cardiovascular Disease: Stress and Inflammation: A survey of medical anthropology

Diabetes: 25% of our population over 65 are diabetic, a $200,000,000 dollar a year problem. Things that are good for business usually have no need to be fixed because a select few are enjoying the profits. Facing the facts about certain carbohydrates.

Gluco-neogenesis: Teaching your liver to carve chemical pathways to convert fat and amino acids into glucose through dietary lifestyle changes.

The Cholesterol Story- Myths and Lies

Adrenal Fatigue- Why are you always tired?

How do we get calcific plaque in our arteries? How can nutritional super foods dramatically improve our health?

The major signs that your body is healing.

Medical Diplomacy: Learning how to communicate effectively with your doctor.


Integration of Real Anti-Aging Strategies: America is Missing Education. Our society has created unpleasant realities. Are we going to continue living in ignorance, or is it time to wake up and peer behind the curtain and see who’s really running the $how!


Workshop 4 (Water)

Genetically Engineered Foods: This is the holocaust of our food supply.

Dangerous Food Additives: Reading Labels has become our way of learning how to google cancer causing agents?

The Supplement Industry: Insider Knowledge of how to discern between true living source nutrients, and synthetic chemical agents that mimic vitamins in test tubes.

Healthy Fats and Oils that Heal the body.

Liver Health and Detoxification strategies.

Sunlight and the Vitamin D connection.

Chemical Exposures.

Physical Scars and Traumas to the Body.

Bio-Mechanics: Structure determines function- learn how you can influence the health of your organs and glands through proper bone structure. The science of Rolfing will be presented.

Integration of The Psyche: This is the final frontier folks. The true metaphysician knows that all disease has a mental correspondence and in order to “save the soul,” one must first “heal the soul.” Our subconscious mind is simply power without direction. To successfully play the game of life, we must learn how to train the imaging faculty. That is why the Greeks said, “Know Thyself.”