Public Healing Now – Schedule




10:30-11:30am – Registration begins & vendor booths open

11:00-11:30am – Doors open to the auditorium

11:30-1:00pm  – Welcoming ceremony


Do you know that it is possible to control the biological process that literally create or destroy your own human body? You will!


Experience the Art and Science of Anti-Aging by learning how your body works. You will be able to give yourself real results that are undeniable!


Biochemistry and Hard Science have shown us that through lifestyle and dietary modifications, it is realistic to regenerate and rejuvenate the organs and glands of our body’s 100% naturally.


We will present an “owner’s manual to the human body” for the first time in history. If what you put in your mouth and on your body cannot affect you, then what possibly can? It is time to improve the way we all live! The science of digestion from your mouth to your anus will be explained. Do you eat for beauty, health, and happiness or do you eat for disease, death, and misery?


The history of food in America: What has changed from 1900-2013?


1:00-1:30pm – Break

1:30-3:00pm – Leading You through the Face of Adversity: Relationships of all kinds go through three stages; romance, disillusionment, and joy! Once you get a glimpse of how your body works, you may awaken to the joy of a new  life!


The new paradigm of science: Quantum Physics explains how the cells of our bodies operate efficiently, and most importantly how we can simply awaken this healing processes of the cells of our own bodies.


World-wide research demonstrates the efficacy of kinesiological muscle testing.


The discovery of the modern day “Garden of Eden.” Your body is a living temple.  


The revelations of the human genome project and the science of epi-genetics reveals how we can influence the expressions of our gene decks.


Super foods and super nutrients that are missing from our food supply that are critical for longevity, anti-aging, and feeling great!


3:00-3:15pm – Break

3:00-3:15pm The Future Model of Health Today with Dr. Vincent Medici


The Rule of Four: Biomechanics, Biochemistry, Scars and Traumas, and the Human Psyche.


Explaining the cancer cures that are on record in the United States of America.


4:30-4:45pm – Break

4:45- 6:15pm – Overcoming the Beasts of our Time.


Inflammation – Why is Time Magazine labeling this as the leading cause of heart disease?


Biliary Patency: Glowing skin and healthy hair are a reflection of your ability to properly digest and assimilate raw fats and proteins.


The science of Gluconeogenesis: Your liver can carve chemical pathways to use raw fats as glucose.


Diabetes and Carbohydrates: The 64 million dollar question has been answered!


Degranualting the Calcific Plaque on our arteries is possible!


6:15-7:15pm – Dinner Break

7:15-8:15pm – The Cholesterol Myth Debunked


Our nation is under attack: Can we come to the realization that our current health care system is treating sickness instead of wellness, we will be plagued by an epidemic.


The leading causes of death in America today: How to avoid being a statistic.


Scientific facts are indisputable: it is time to refocus the way we consume certain foods.


Is there a correlation between cholesterol and insulin?


Real solutions for everyone!


8:15-9:15pm – Special videos and clips from around the world.

9:15-9:45pm – Closing ceremony and exit. 






10:30-11:30am – Registration begins and vendor booths open.

11:00-11:30am – Doors open the Auditorium

11:30-1:00pm – Opening Ceremony


The science of whole body regeneration and rejuvenation will be explained and presented to the layperson with live demonstrations on stage.


The art and science of quantum reflex analysis will be taught and shown to our audience.


The application of super foods and super nutrients will reveal how we can regenerate the organs and glands of your body!


1:00-1:15pm – Break

1:15-2:45pm – World Wide research proves conclusively that dental decay is caused primarily by nutritional deficiencies, and that those conditions that promote decay also promote disease. If civilized man is to survive, he must somehow incorporate the fundamentals of primitive nutritional wisdom into his modern lifestyle.


A world-renowned dentist explores the relationship between toxic dental metal fillings and the health of every organ and gland in the human body!


The science of bio-compatible dentistry will be explained and explored on stage with live demonstrations!


It is essential that those in public positions with humanitarian responsibilities get a glimpse into our philosophies as it points to good nutrition as a preventative measure against abnormalities of the blood, body, mind, and spirit.


2:45-3:15pm – Break

3:15-4:45pm – The new frontier in whole body detoxification. Trauma to the body such as falls, and surgical scars, can be the causes of the disruption of the normal bioelectrical circuit between your body’s gastrointestinal tract, and the skin of your body. Learn how you can eliminate pain, and accelerated aging from the benefits of mud packing your body in special applications.


Over 850 peer-reviewed articles demonstrate the efficacy of your body’s ability to detoxify through the external use of therapeutic grade clays and mud that are able to exogenously pull out toxins from your body.


4:30-4:45pm – Break

4:45- 6:15pm – Are EMF’s “electrical magnetic fields” safe for our health?

Come take a journey of the past, present, and future use of electrical frequencies which are scientifically known to cause cancer, and what we can do today to protect ourselves from the cigarettes of the 21rst century.


We can counter the effects of toxic EMF’s by grounding our homes, so our bodies can benefit from the healing frequencies of our Earth, undisrupted by chaotic man made frequencies.


The Science of Biofield Energetics will be explained and explored in great detail. Learn how to protect your self from cellular phone radiation, and more!!!


6:15-7:15pm Dinner Break

7:15-8:45pm Closing Ceremony


Live questions will be answered from our audience.


8:45-9:45pm Movies and Video Clips will be presented from around the world.

9:45-10:15pm Closing of event.